Reshaping the education system.”Switching to remote learning”

After closures of all educational institutions in Palestine because of Coronavirus, the ministry of education in Palestine switched the education for the first time into e-learning. Academic institutions are moving through remote learning, teachers submit lectures through digital learning platforms and they also use synchronous sessions for teaching online from a distance.

From my personal view. My son Qais is learning remotely now. Regardless of whether the students feel confident using the tools, or whether believe the tech platforms and tools are a productive way to learn. large numbers of students don’t have internet access at home. Other students, such as those with special needs, may need the services they would get in person at a school. I am happy and satisfied with the technology but school is important.

The pandemic, has provided an opportunity as well as lesson that in the unpredictable world, it was necessary to bridge the digital divide and impart skills to build resistance to face various threats from natural disasters to violence. More so, it calls for adaptability so that resilience is built into the most important sector that is education system.

Shared by: Yasmeen, Palestine, Westbank.

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  1. It’s quite interesting your comment and in particular to see how still is the Palestinian situation in relationship with digital divide. In every crises there are opportunities but you surely live in a critical situation independently by coronavirus. To continue to invest in Education sector is mandatory in our community but how to go ahead to improve Digital Education, not as a solution but as a tool? How to support students with limited access to IT solutions? How to improve inclusion? All those questions could be something where we could work all together.

    • Thank you!

      I think we should focus on the category that is unable to use the internet because of life limitations surrounding them such as community restrictions family and traditional, and backward thinking.

      Another important and urgent need which is to start benefit from the open educational resources, We should work together implementing and exploitation all the tools, useful websites, educational Softwares in the learning process inside academic institutions through different projects in the related field, one of these projects is the virtual exchange project. During the experience, I can say that PTUK students have been benefited a lot from the project in different manners, one of the advantages is the students are not shy to be in front of the computer camera during the online class meeting. they are more confident now to speak and they use technology much better, in learning rather than wasting time.

      There is much important and positive feedback from the experience of Telecollaboration Erasmus Project, that we should highlight it more.

      We have so much room for improvement. Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory… of how we are taking responsibility.

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