Currently, like many countries around the world, we are going through a difficult phase brought on by the global pandemic. Facing this situation, the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the suspension until April 05, 2020 of courses in class rooms at all universities from Thursday, March 12, 2020 as one of the procedures to stop the spread of the contamination.

The first and essential objective is to continue to offer the student lessons via the internet (E-leaning) to allow him to acquire a level of knowledge and skills that will lead him to validate his university year if he passes the exams. Adapting to this new reality, all existing courses are made online for all students other new materiel are uploaded, and suitable environment for an efficient learning is provided. Regarding the measure taken at higher education level, almost all universities have an e-learning platform in web site institution. In order to ensure pedagogical continuity and to provide all students with digital teaching and educational resources quickly, for example the Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla (Algeria) recommended to teachers and students the use of E-learning platform as MOODLE

All the stakeholders are engaged since it is the only way to ensure the continuity of the learning programs and everyone safety at the same time.

Shared by: Pr Mourad KORICHI, Vice-Rector for External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events
Kasdi Merbah University of Ouargla (Algeria)

Shared by: Pr Mourad KORICHI