On the 12th and 13th of March 2020, the candidates of the Psychology Faculty of the UNINETTUNO Telematic International University had the possibility of discussing their graduation thesis statement online through Interactive Classrooms, a new discussion mode was implemented by the University for this purpose, in this period of nation-wide emergency: https://bit.ly/3df6dTN

The Interactive classrooms are available in UNINETTUNO’s Didactic Cyberspace, set up for all the Faculties, the lecturer members of the Graduation Commission, in collaboration with the candidates started and completed the works of discussion of the thesis, implementing an online process that was designed, tested and simulated based during the previous days which made it possible. Thanks to the organizational, psycho-pedagogical and didactic models of UNINETTUNO.

The discussion from distance made a participation of over 80 connected people on average, among them student friends and relatives.

Link: https://www.uninettunouniversity.net/en/notizia.aspx?ID=46

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