IULM University is specialised in Communication and Languages and is based in Milan, in one of the worst coronavirus-hit regions.

As human beings, when we feel threatened by some invisible danger that we cannot fully identify, we become suspicious and we see a threat in others like us. Let’s try not to destroy the valuable social relations we have built in many years. The University is here, waiting for you. Meanwhile, let’s not panic and let’s not create a second virus – psychosis – in addition to the Coronavirus.” These are the words that IULM University’s Rector Gianni Canova used to reassure and inspire the entire academic community here in Milan.

On this basis, while switching the entire academic offer, the admission tests and graduation session to Online, the University has started multiple projects ranging from a “Communication observatory in crisis time”, which is a social-media post series by IULM’s academics highlighting different facets of the situation, to webinars on “Emergency and Emotions” organised by the Counseling Service.
IULM’s Psychologist Dr. Bellantonio conducted this online seminar to respond to the emotional needs of both our domestic and international students. His thorough analysis  emphasized the normality of stress and fear in such a situation but also the importance of balancing our reactions as a consequence of facts contextualization. He guided students on how to read data from trusted sources and suggested coping techniques. In fact, keeping our daily routine, connecting with friends and relatives, offering support to the people who are suffering the most (such as children or the elderly) are powerful and effective means to take care of our body and mental health.

Shared by: Alberto Parravicini - Study Abroad Coordinator