In Slovenia, we have produced a poster Tips for Successful Work at Home to help children, youth and their parents fulfill the role in which they have found themselves overnight (corona virus). The steps that lead to SUCCESS are ORDER, DISCIPLINE, PLANNING, SUPPORT, and CONTROL. Their implementation brings satisfaction to everyone in a family and teaches children and adolescents the responsibilities of decision-making and work.

The poster, which was originally translated into English, was translated by our international friends into 25 other languages in a just few days and new translations are being produced. You can access posters in different languages at this link ( If you want to have the poster in your language, simply send us your translation.

The VIDEO is recorded in English. Content is appropriate for both young children and students, as strict adherence to the advice enhances the self-esteem, self-initiative, self-discipline and responsibility of all – these are also competencies that are sought after and valued by employers.

Shared by: Nada Trunk Širca and MR - ISSBS, Slovenia