Distance brings us closer!

Despite Covid19 Emergency has forced people into their homes, it made us fully aware of an incontrovertible truth: digital is a democratic tool for sharing knowledge and is the only antidote to the breakdown of economic activities.

We realized how incredible are the benefits of online tools: studying from home, taking exams, working, organizing group meetings and so on.

Education is the milestone of our Countries and it cannot be stopped so easily. Therefore, online education shall be used to reach every corner of the Globe.
Distance education can help to improve the social quality by supplying cultural resources to all those who, for social or economic reasons, cannot access the educational resources. It is suitable for all: youths and adults, with different study time and schedules and may seriously help the economic recovery of our Countries after the crisis.

Pegaso Online University started in 2006 to deliver online study courses in order to safeguard the right to education of every student, and to give everyone the opportunity of undertaking online education in various ways.

We strongly believe that online education through a digital system as well as sharing and cooperating, forms those students who wish to acquire their own competences and use them to enter the job market.
At the moment a great novelty, from the regulatory point of view, verges on the new examination system. Pegaso Group ones can offer students the possibility to sit for examinations online.

E-learning means making knowledge accessible to everyone and thus broadening our horizons for the future. We would not have been able to do it in this way then; this could never have happened before, but today we can make it happen!

Shared by: Pegaso Online University

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  1. I believe in your claim that distance education makes us closer, through my experience, I found that we became closers to our students’ needs and we are practicing a lot of parenting roles with them. It is somehow a dangerous role since it needs a lot of time but on another side, it makes you closer and able to encourage your students to have an active learning experience.

    • Mahdi Kleibo

      Warm greetings,
      I hope this message finds you well.
      Honestly, I found that students better comprehended the material I teach since now it is all recorded and they can watch it again and again, and I have more quality time to develop my teaching methods, reflections, and follow-ups with each student individually. Do kindly take into consideration that we have a high percentage of students officially enrolled at Higher Education but they are more into vocation, not academia, so this created a kind of area where it serves better nonacademic mindset. Thanks again for your kind comment.

    • Fabio Nascimbeni

      I agree Saida, the pandemic has increased the already high societal expectations on teachers, and this might be a problem in the long run. I think educators should be the ones driving innovation, and to do so they need to time to develop new ideas and to put them in practice.

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