Screen Generation Fed Up with Screen Oriented Education

Managing Online Higher Education.

I have been realizing that students of mine at Anadolu University do not really feel very okay to participate online courses even if they are asynchronous. They have been developing negative attitude towards to online education. I decided to talk to them. As a result, my understanding, students are truly fed up with information overload. While they live in limited spaces because of restrictions, they are overwhelmed with social media and with also resurrection of TV in their lives in the family setting. After all, once they consume their energy with screen media, they no longer feel energized for another screen-oriented education. I talked to 4 students on whatsapp and discussed the subject by phone. To me, it was more real and they were really into it.

Shared by: Nezih Orhon

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  1. Cristina Stefanelli

    Thanks Nezih! You touched a very important point about the risk of developing a negative attitude towards to online education, and being tech and emotionally overwhelmed with screen time (I know that feeling!).

    When COVID-19 pandemic ends, most likely students will remember how teachers made them feel and care them, and how they show empathy. Like your whatsapp talk, indeed. The knowledge acquired might be the last thing they will remember!

    So keep caring, and thanks for sharing!

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